Victoria’s Secret

This letter is in response to Gina Lang’s Nov. 25 letter “Put on some lingerie,” in which she states her approval for the televised Victoria’s Secret runway fashion show.

Lang states in her letter that it is all a “matter of your point of view.” That being true, Lang needs to allow others to have their opinions. If American women, whom this show is representing to the rest of the world, feel this programming is a “form of pornography” and that it is a “bad representation of American women,” they at least deserve to have their opinions heard and not demeaned by letters like Lang’s in which she states “some women out there whose protest against Victoria’s Secret is fueled by a bit of jealousy.”

This view aligns you with the models, Lang, whom you claim “represent the sexiness that we all want to feel.” While it may make you feel better about yourself and your body image, the truth is that we do not all want to look like Victoria’s Secret models, nor do we want our daughters to grow up thinking that it is healthy.

Showing young girls that “hard work and determination” could one day lead to them walking scantily clad and half starved down a runway is not a typical goal of women’s groups.

Jennifer Barnett, senior, family social science