Response to “Let’s be honest about Greek life”

Cassi Nix

As a proud member of a sorority, I would like to respond to Jennifer BissellâÄôs column âÄúLetâÄôs be honest about greek life.âÄù Bissell says that the greek community only ever shares âÄúhalf the story.âÄù I wonder what other story needs sharing? We all work hard to promote scholarship, philanthropy and sisterhood. Those are the founding ideals of sorority life. Do we need to state specifically that members also have social lives that may include drinking? Does the Sky Diving Club? Does the Swedish Club? The greek community must work tirelessly against attacks like BissellâÄôs. She asks that we stop constantly defending ourselves. Then stop attacking us. Stop perpetuating the stereotype that all we want to do is âÄútake it easy and party hard.âÄù Show me one member of a greek chapter like that and IâÄôll show you 100 that arenâÄôt. I recommend that Bissell sticks to writing about subjects known to her rather than poking around in the dark with a stick. Or have her stop by Gamma Phi Beta and weâÄôll be happy to educate her about our way of life. Cassi Nix University undergraduate student