MSA campaign features drag-fest

Drag queens and kings danced outside Coffman Union on Monday as faithful fans shoved dollar bills down their blouses and in their mouths and panties.
Supporters held signs that read “Racism, sexism and homophobia are a big drag,” in front of the 400-person crowd.
“I always thought I was gay,” co-host Anastasia Fantasia remarked at one point during the show. “But after seeing Maxine Pad, I think I want to be a lesbian.”
Drag kings Jake, Maverick Dansir, Ben Dover and Dallas Stryke all came from Club Metro; drag queens Maxine Pad, Fantasia and Lady Bird Faux Pas were from the University.
Above, women’s studies senior Lynne Saxton, left, gives a dollar to Maxine Pad.
The Minnesota Student Association elections are near and candidates seem to be pulling out all the stops to get students behind their campaigns. This particular event was held to sponsor the Nikki Kubista/Erin Ferguson ticket.
At one point during the show, a Kevin Nicholson/Brook Anderson-backer wearing a mask of President Clinton walked through the audience to the stage and shook hands with Faux Pas in the middle of his routine. The visitor was unexpected and received boos from the audience.
–Jeremy Taff