University students gather to play games at ‘campus-wide playtime’

Patricia Drey

While cars burned and tear gas blew outside, some students were busy playing games such as kickball, dodge ball and Chutes and Ladders inside the University recreation center Saturday night.

Approximately 100 University students participated in what planners called a “campus-wide playtime.”

“I want to play kickball so bad,” said Kristen Joseph, a chemistry junior. Because the last time she played was in high school, Joseph said she might be a little rusty at first. “It’s all about the fun,” she said.

Because of competition from the hockey championships and the late-night activities at Coffman Union, planners did not get as large a turnout as they had originally planned for, said Sarah Martinson, a senior community adviser. Logistically, changing the date of the event would have been too difficult, she said.

The evening also included board games such as Candyland, Skip Bo and Checkers and other gym-class games such as trench and four square.

The idea for the “Kid Games” event first arose over a sushi dinner while Sanford Hall resident director Cari Fealy and Sanford Hall CA Ross Thompson started talking about how they enjoyed elementary school gym class.

“We were just kind of talking about how elementary school gym class was just a blast,” said Thompson, an elementary education and early childhood development junior. “We just thought we can make this happen, we can invite everyone to come play.”

Because almost every playground has a slightly different version of the rules, Thompson started out the kickball game by giving his version. Three teams representing Sanford and Middlebrook halls and the superblock participated in the big base tournament.

The winners of the tournament received prizes. Every member of the winning team received a free burrito from Burrito Loco and a $15 gift certificate to Target. The team also won a $150 gift certificate to Best Buy to buy something for its residence hall.

Psychology first year Anwar Gandy was not in it for the prizes, though; he just wanted to have fun.

“I just wanted to be a kid again and stop thinking about school.”

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