A plea for propriety in D.C.

John Troyer

The Daily ran an opinion piece by Audra Harpel on March 10 in which she argued conservative groups are not adequately represented in the paper. In thinking about the points she raised in her opinion piece, I have decided to devote this column to conservative opinion. The following article is by Phil Sheldon, who runs www.conservativepetitions.com and is advocating for a petition to stop the National Park Service from playing a video offensive to American conservatives at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. I contacted Mr. Sheldon and he gave his permission to reprint the text. In our e-mail exchanges I assured him I would neither mock nor ridicule his thoughts. I prefer letting the piece speak for itself and likeminded conservative thinkers. Since its creation Feb. 6, the petition has received 5,476 signatures. Sheldon’s column follows:

Tell national park service to stop lying about Lincoln

A disgraceful revision of history is being perpetrated by a shamelessly slanted video playing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Presented in the Lincoln Legacy Room, the video suggests America’s 16th president would have supported modern-day, left-of-center political causes such as homosexual “rights,” abortion “rights” and the modern feminist agenda.

Yielding to some public and media pressure, a National Park Service advisory panel has recommended keeping the video’s radical propaganda by “trying to modify” it to “give adequate representation” to all political views, according to a park service spokesman. In other words, make it politically correct without removing its fictitious slant.

No final decision reportedly has yet been made, but the park service will “move pretty quick” and “wants a solution soon,” according to the spokesman, who admits “most people would view the (video’s) visuals as being a very one-sided representation of liberal causes.”

Obviously, balancing the video’s visuals is not the answer. Radicals have had years to tell their lies in this video. The only way to balance them is to remove them – COMPLETELY! NOW!

Peddling pure propaganda, the video presently features an actor impersonating Lincoln’s voice over visuals of protest marches showing such signs and banners as “The Lord is my Shepherd and Knows I am Gay,” “Gay & Lesbian Sexual Rights,” “Council of Churches Lesbian Rights,” “National Organization for Women,” “Reagan’s Wrongs Equal Women’s Rights,” “ERA Yes,” “Ratify the ERA,” “I Had An Illegal Abortion In 1967 – Never Again,” “Keep Abortion Legal” and “I Am Pro-Choice America.”

“We checked it out,” said Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America. “It was as bad as advertised: pure propaganda designed to equate abortion and gay rights with the civil rights movement,” Knight said in an interview with CNSNews.com. “Americans are being seduced by their own government into believing that fighting for homosexual sodomy is the same as marching through Selma.

“Thank God not everyone buys that. Thank God that Lincoln was right about not being able to fool all of the people all of the time,” Knight added.

“It stinks!” was the reaction of Rev. Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition after viewing the video. “I have never seen such a perversion and revision of American history. I am outraged that tax dollars are paying to promote such a lie that Lincoln would have supported homosexual causes, abortion rights and feminism.”

Do you find it offensive for Abraham Lincoln to be misused and abused just to advance the radical homosexual and pro-murder agendas? Then demand the park service immediately remove the video from the Lincoln Memorial! Alert every conservative in America to join this nationwide effort to reject the propaganda and eject the video!

Let’s bring this outrage to a boil and get some action. Sign the petition to National Capital Region Director Perry Carlstrom, then alert everyone you know to this disgraceful ploy to abuse the name and memory of an outstanding American. Let’s flood the park service with petitions and have the video removed from our national monument.

Phil Sheldon


Please sign this petition, then email everyone you know!

http://www.conservativepet itions.com

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