Is There No Hope For American Cinema?

John Sand

America is not a land known for high culture. The land of "Blue Collar Comedy Tour," Wal-Mart and Popeye’s chicken, we’ve been known to take joy in the most simplistic of endeavors. (I would like to point out that we aren’t completely lost: breeding geniuses like Alexander Wang and Paris Hilton, but I think we may be kicking ass in the per-capita-tackiness contest).



As luck would have it, it looks like we’re hitting an all time low. Hardly a week post-High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Disney execs are slating the fourth run in the series.We know the gang has graduated, and we’re praying this won’t be subtitled College Musical. Word on the street is their planning on tripling Zac Efron’s salary (from 3 million to 9) in hopes of luring him back on to the tween-dream bandwagon.


But what of Van Hudgens and Ms. Tisdale? In offering Eff triple the salary, it seems unlikely they’ll return without a similar offer, and where exactly does Disney plan on coming up with the millions of dollars to fund immature singers to make a fourth movie? Well, I suppose that after raking in almost 62 million in the first ten days, the big wigs at Disney would be insane not to milk this franchise for every last prepubescent cent.