Romney wins Maine caucuses

Kevin Burbach

Mitt Romney won the Maine caucuses Saturday in yet another nonbinding straw poll.

Romney won over second-place finisher Ron Paul with 39 percent of the vote in a contest that had only about 5,500 turn out, according to Public Policy Polling. Paul finished with 36 percent, only 194 less than Romney.

Although essentially only Romney and Paul campaigned in Maine, according to the Strib, Saturday comes as a victory for the former Massachusetts governor who lost three contests earlier in the week in Maine, Colorado and Minnesota to Rick Santorum.

Besides the Maine caucuses, Romney also won a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a meeting of conservative activists, reported the New York Times.

The results of the caucuses are nonbinding, meaning delegates don’t have to officially pledge to a candidate yet, but nonetheless are an indicator of support in the state.

Saturday’s caucuses mark a brief lapse in presidential contests that won’t pick up again until the Arizona primary Feb. 28.