What to Know/What to Throw

A&E sorts through the garbage to bring you the knowledge

Dearest Daily-browsing babe, you may be wondering exactly why the illustrious Arts & Entertainment department has chosen this moment to unleash an arsenal of Spring Break wisdom when the semesterâÄôs just finally winding down. Well, add it to the list of things youâÄôll never understand. Part of being omniscient is knowing exactly how far in advance to plan things like, well, airline tickets, hostel reservations and which outfits to wear while vacationing in the familyâÄôs summer cottage among the peaks of the Swiss Alps. We have been preparing to impart this knowledge on your skinny, boot-clad bodies since last April, so think of how long weâÄôve been itching to tell you everything youâÄôve ever wanted to know about the Cancun sunsets and makeout sessions you wonâÄôt remember. Know: This spring is the season for Ray-Ban shades. Wayfarers arenâÄôt just for CSCL kids in skinny-jeans. Show off your vintage fashion style and rock these sunglasses, in the depths of winter too. Finally, the time has come to show off exactly what God gave ya. Your theatrical debut on the next edition of Girls Gone Wild is an outpouring of your feminist independence. Your parents canâÄôt tell you to keep your shirt on, and youâÄôll never look this hot again! We havenâÄôt completely forgotten about the few months in between now and March. This winter break, indulge yourself in some winter treats. Holiday season is the perfect time to gain weight and you can starve yourself to the perfect Spring Break body later! Checking our list three times revealed el primer objecto: Frye boots. These are the working manâÄôs fantasy. Though they run on the pricier end of the spectrum, you can be sure theyâÄôll help your feet survive until sunny Florida calls your name in the spring. Throw: Toss out those enormous, fake D&G sunglasses. Your American Eagle light-wash jeans and knock-off North Face jacket give away the secret, anyway. While everyone is telling you to play it safe, A&E wants you to remember that Spring Break is the perfect time to toss your caution off of the side of some Italian guyâÄôs moped. Hello memories that feel like a Ying Yang Twins music vid; see ya later, discretion. Filed under things that should be long forgotten: contemporary Holiday jams. Toss on a Nat King Cole album and keep Sufjan StevensâÄô celebratory Christmas music far from the headphones. When reviewing your lengthy holiday wish list, donâÄôt let wide-leg denim anywhere near your stockings. This trend had its few months in the spotlight and all youâÄôre really doing is hiding your feet.