Spring style update

Beware the fashion predicaments of March.

Jessica Norling searches for new clothing Monday afternoon at the store Cliché in Uptown. Norling lives close by and shops there for their plethora of unique clothing options.

Erin Westover

Jessica Norling searches for new clothing Monday afternoon at the store Cliché in Uptown. Norling lives close by and shops there for their plethora of unique clothing options.

by Sally Hedberg

T.S. Eliot may have been a closet fashionisto, because, man, was he right: When it comes to dressing yourself, April is definitely the cruelest month. Common seasonal sense tells us that fashion in the spring and summer is a whole lot more enjoyable than in the winter. I mean, think about what a drag it is to have to hide a fantastic outfit under the bulky layers of a parka when you go out. Not to mention dropping cash for the coat check.

When the snow finally melts everything and the business of dressing yourself becomes easier, the skirts become shorter and the sartorial universe is in perfect alignment. Ah, to shop for sandals and to flaunt your fresh pedicure.

Alas, weâÄôre just not there yet. And the months to come are filled with some of the most fashion-unfriendly elements (wind, mud, snow and, worst of all, sludge). Fortunately, our city is filled with both retail and fashion events to lift your spirits and combat the wrath of Mother Earth.

âÄúWeather in Minnesota can always change by the hour,âÄù fashion writer for Vita.mn and lâÄôétoile Magazine Jahna Peloquin said. âÄúLayering is always key. You have to find a way to be stylish and dress for the weather. And always have a cute umbrella stashed in the car.âÄù

On the local spectrum of things stylish for spring in Minneapolis can be reflected in the lines of local designers like Danielle Everine, whose collection embodies some of the biggest spring trends. WeâÄôre talking pastels, neutrals and sexy sheer fabrics. Though our fashion scene may not operate as fast or intensely as places like New York or London, Twin Cities designers still bring something special to the table.

âÄúI think that Minneapolis designers have a very independent spirit,âÄù Peloquin said. âÄúThat makes it eclectic.âÄù

You donâÄôt have to be a frequenter of fashion events to stay in the loop. Adhering to the latest trends is as simple as knowing where to shop. And when it comes to shopping, thereâÄôs no reason not to do it outside of the monstrosity that is Mall of America.

So as you set out to purchase a must-have, wind-combating trench or an essential pair of rain boots, remember that the Twin Cities is home to a bounty of boutiques brimming with the latest from local designers. Cliché is a sure hotspot for their recent product. Additionally, ViaâÄôs Vintage or Picky Girl in St. Paul are worthwhile trips. Regardless of where your consumerist itch carries you, supporting the burgeoning fashion community only helps it to keep progressing.

It also keeps progressing through local fashion productions like this AprilâÄôs âÄúVoltage: Fashion AmplifiedâÄù. The event, combining the best of local design and local music, provides a comfortable space to maybe introduce people to the fashion scene they havenâÄôt yet experienced. At the root of it all, it is getting people to care about local fashion and designers that will continue to propel it forward.

âÄúI think weâÄôve come a long way as far as getting a lot of exposure,âÄù Peloquin said. âÄúThe amount and quality is growing. The next challenge is to translate the idea of wearing local designs.âÄù

ThereâÄôs no time like the present.