Gopher fans should be louder

When I was a kid, I had a lot of fun ushering for Gophers sports at the Barn, Mariucci Arena and the Metrodome. I have fond memories of Willie Burton and others making Gophers basketball games an exciting experience. I remain loyal to Gophers sports even though I have lived in Florida for the past 15 years.

Saturday’s game against Indiana was inexcusable. I am not the first to point out that most of the fans at the games are older. The students are barely seen and rarely heard. During the first half, the ESPN announcer said, “This is the dullest place that I’ve been all year.” Then, while commenting before the start of the second half, there was an old man on camera in the background sleeping.

I implore the student body and the older folks to get loud, get together and get creative. I hope the next athletics director will be more student-body friendly when it comes to seating priority at the Barn.