Daily Digest: Coleman on energy and “The Obama Effect”

Lisa Zehner

Hey folks, thank goodness it’s finally Friday. For the most part, it has been a pretty quiet day in the newsroom. But reporters are buzzing around working on stories for next week.

*We had updated information on the student who was hit by a bus Thursday, and she’s doing fine, according to a HCMC spokeswoman.

*There was also some coverage of Republican Sen. Norm Coleman’s forum at the Humphrey Institute Thursday. Coleman talked about energy independence. However, according to the Daily report, it sounds like the turnout was relatively low, with only about 50 people attending. Coleman addressed the New Energy Reform Act of 2008, which the Pioneer Press outlines very nicely.

*If you wanted a little more politics, the School of Journalism is hosting a conference called "The Obama Effect" that will discuss Barack Obama’s issues and events surrounding his presidential campaign. The conference goes through tomorrow. Check out the schedule on the school’s site for the event.

That’s all for today, look for more this weekend, and enjoy your Friday.