Aramark: The high price of low quality

The U should end its relationship with Aramark seek a better solution for students.

It’s nearly December again, and for many University students this means gearing up for the holidays, preparing for finals and refining their wish lists.

For eight years , since the University began its dismal relationship with Aramark, high on the lists of many students is for the University to end its relationship with the company ” an option the University has every December while under contract. The University began its partnership with the company in an effort to stem losses it was incurring by independently managing its own food services. Under their contract Aramark has the right to operate almost all food-service venues on campus. This is a detriment to the University and must not go on any longer.

Aramark does not have the best interests of the University community in mind. One only needs to look at inedible chum that Aramark passes off as food in the residence halls and the student unions to see this to be true. Aramark charges exorbitant amounts of money for its low-quality meals. In dining halls, students are charged about $7 a meal, but in order for many to get their money’s worth they have to take extra food home. Unfortunately, Aramark has exerted enough pressure to have posted guards at dining hall exits to prevent students from getting their money’s worth. This is to say nothing of the frequent accusations that Aramark overworks and intimidates employees. The University states that it is committed to diversity. Part of that diversity should include the types of companies it works with. Rather than allowing one company to run food service on campus, the University should work with local businesses.

Students who live in Bailey, Centennial, Comstock, Middlebrook, Pioneer and Sanford halls are required to buy expensive meal plans because of the Aramark contract, meaning students living in dining-hall-served residences are a captive audience forced to fork up even if they find cheaper means of feeding themselves. Let us all hope the University will remember it has a relationship with the students as well. Let’s hope the University fulfills our wishes and ends its relationship with Aramark.