“Drinky Crow Show” some compensation for end of TV season

by Rebecca Lang

We’ve just entered into the era of no-class bliss combined with snowed-in despair, and it is rather unfortunate that all our favorite shows just ended for the season. But if there’s any network that is in tune to the rhythms and whims of the college demographic, it’s Adult Swim, and it might just save you from watching too much "Family Ties."

Last night’s line-up was a never-fail good time, full of "Robot Chicken," "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Metalocalypse," but one of the best shows on was the "Drinky Crow Show." The Drinky Crow is just that, a crow with drunken "x"s for eyes, and he hangs out on the sea with a slightly perverted monkey. The animation is excellent, slightly old-fashioned with gorgeously idiosyncratic settings and details. The characters are all at odds with their organs, and frequently lose them, find them, and speak with them. Eyeballs are often shot off. While the body is a discontinuous entity on the "Drinky Crow," time and reality are as well. The basic matters of the show are drinking, sex and violence, but the adventures slip into surrealities, parallel universes and dreams with no real system to differentiate one from another. Sound odd? It’s still less trippy than "Tim and Eric."