Armed robbery reported Saturday

Suspects approached two people in a parked vehicle and demanded valuables.

Elizabeth Cook

One reported armed robbery occurred Saturday night on campus. It was the only reported armed robbery in the past week.

In the 1100 block of 14th Avenue Southeast, two suspects approached two people who were sitting in a vehicle parked on the street, said Carol Oosterhuis, the crime prevention specialist for the 2nd Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department.

One of the suspects pulled out a handgun and demanded “valuables” such as their cell phones, Oosterhuis said.

The combined value stolen was $230.

According to the police report, the suspects fled on foot.

Assault on the streets

In two separate incidents, University officers pulled up to a fight.

The first fight was outside Chipotle on the corner of Oak Street Southeast and Washington Avenue Southeast.

Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University, said officers saw two men knocking another man to the curb and kicking him in the head.

First-year physics student Nick Olson also saw part of the violence.

Olson said he was in the passenger seat of his friend’s car when they saw someone getting beaten up.

Olson said they went to pull over to see what was going on, but by that time the police were already there.

As police approached, the two men doing the kicking began to walk away.

Officers started walking after them saying, “Police, stop.”

Officers grabbed one suspect when the other started to run, police said.

He was caught at the corner of Ontario Street Southeast and Washington Avenue Southeast.

Both suspects were charged with fifth-degree assault, while the suspect who ran was also charged with a felony for fleeing from police.

The second fight was early Sunday outside the Library Bar and Grill on Fourth Street Southeast, Johnson said.

An officer pulled up and saw two men attacking another, Johnson said. They had the victim between two parked cars and were kicking him.

According to the report, the victim had facial injuries.

Johnson said he could give only limited information because it is still an active investigation.

Stealing from the rec

A University research assistant had his wallet stolen while at the recreation center.

He left his wallet inside his pants pocket as he went to shower in the men’s locker room.

When he returned, the pants were still there but the wallet was gone.

Johnson said there are more repercussions to having your wallet stolen than just losing money.

“When you lose a wallet, your identity is also lost,” Johnson said.

Beth Asfahl, assistant department director for recreational sports, said there haven’t been many thefts at the recreation center recently, but still recommends students to lock up their stuff.

If it’s worth more than 25 cents, lock it up, she said.