StudyRoom a helpful resource

Brooke Bovee

In today’s digital age, it only makes sense to have an online study room. Invites to the new Internet start-up platform, StudyRoom, have probably been filling your inbox recently. Some professors at the University of Minnesota, including one of mine, have started to incorporate this app into their classes in an effort to increase collaboration between students.

Due to its newness, I was hesitant to accept the invite to the StudyRoom. It seemed like everyone started using it all at once, and it’s spreading like wildfire over campus. After getting invited a few more times for different classes, I decided to check it out because, for one, it’s free.

My first impression was that StudyRoom was an aid to lazy college students. You know, the types who don’t take their own notes or simply won’t show up to class — banking on StudyRoom for notes later — when exam time approaches. I wasn’t going to post my notes just so people could slack off and use all of my hard work.

In reality, what I found out was that StudyRoom is more of a place to answer single questions, or to clear up confusion from class. This is the beauty of the app. It simplifies getting study groups together and gets rid of the need to meet in person or attend office hours if you missed a lecture.

Some students have even offered tutoring, planned study groups and suggested alternative material for students struggling to understand what their professor provides.

StudyRoom is a helpful resource that can make everyone’s college experience simpler. However, we should be careful not to turn it into yet another social media distraction or a quick, substitute version of a class for the note-moochers.