Dear Dr. Date,I r…

Dear Dr. Date,
I read your column regularly and think that you give sensible advice to students struggling to understand the subtle nuances of love. I’ve been at the University for almost three years now, and it is during this time that I’ve also been struggling to come to terms with my sexuality. I find myself attracted to guys but have not yet come across someone who would be a soul mate and genuine friend. I have tried to meet people at coffee shops and through Internet advertisements but have not been impressed by the quality of people. At coffee shops, I feel awkward starting a conversation with a stranger.
I consider myself to be an intelligent, smart, confident, sensitive, compassionate, down-to-earth, understanding and mature guy who has a great sense of humor. I am charming, good-looking and have varied interests. I do not expect to meet someone with the same qualities but do want that person to have some things in common and be at least sensible and decent. Being an Asian has not helped much, either — some guys just wanna stay away from a person who comes from another culture! My dilemma is this: How and where can I meet open-minded, professional and decent guys? How do I approach someone in a place like a coffee shop without making a fool of myself? Will it be possible to meet interesting guys at your mixer on March 3? If yes, how would I know if the guy is into ‘gals’ or ‘guys’? Please give me some advice. Thanks, Dr. Date!
— Lonely & Disheartened

All Dr. Date-brand mixers are omnisexual. This is not actually a word, but a state of mind that believes we’re all fine as who we are. A Dr. Date mixer is neither homosexual or heterosexual. At the risk of sounding like a Blur song, there will be boys looking at girls looking at boys looking at boys looking at girls who look at girls. Because of this open atmosphere, it can be hard to know who to make overtures to. To solve this little problem, many years ago we came up with the solution of wearing colored name tags. If you are into boys, you wear a blue name tag. If you are into girls, you wear a red name tag. If you are into either one, you wear both, or, as some bright attendees in the past have done, rip them both in half and make a name tag that is half red and half blue.
As for coffee shops, try not to think about it too much. I do tell my readers to go to coffee shops to find dates, but that’s not the real aim. I’m actually more interested in getting you out of the house. Reading, writing, drawing, talking — these are all activities that will make you feel good about yourself and, in turn, improve your chances of dating.