Yudof to undergo stomach surgery

by Kristin Gustafson

After experiencing three episodes of stomach-intestinal cramping during the past 12 months, University President Mark Yudof will have surgery on Feb. 8 to remove a partial small-bowel obstruction causing the problem.
The episodes — which include swelling, cramps, nausea and vomiting — have required hospitalization. However, the problem is not chronic or cancerous, according to a University spokeswoman.
The stomach and bowel pain is most likely caused by scar tissue formed as a result of an appendectomy done years ago, said Frank Cerra, University senior vice president for the Academic Health Center.
Cerra said the surgery will begin with a laparoscopy, a procedure that involves looking into the stomach with a light to determine the problem. Depending on what Yudof’s doctor discovers, recovery should be four to six weeks at most, Cerra said.
Yudof is in good health, Cerra said. “We expect a full recovery, but exactly how long that takes depends on what needs to be done.”
In Yudof’s absence, University Executive Vice President and Provost Bob Bruininks will perform Yudof’s presidential duties, including his role in next week’s Board of Regents meetings.
Dr. David Rothenberger will perform the surgery at the Fairview-University Medical Center. Cerra said the operation is low risk.
However, Cerra added, “I have yet to find anybody who is thrilled about surgery.”

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