Dear Dr. …

Dear Dr. Date,
It’s hard being gay, and even harder when you’re trying to meet someone at a place as large and impersonal as this University. You never know if the guy standing next to you that’s so hot would be accepting of a flirtatious word, or pound you into the pavement. Sometimes you think you might be getting vibes from said hottie, but can you be sure enough to risk a messy confrontation?
Anyway, this is the situation I was in on Tuesday while waiting outside of Blegen Hall for the Campus Connector to take me back to the Superblock. I saw you standing there, and was captivated, and then, you looked back! At least, I think you did. It seemed like we exchanged glances many times, one of us always looking away, neither of us gaining the courage to say a simple hello to the other. We both rode the bus to the East Bank, sitting almost across from each other. I got off the bus, and waited around to see if you would as well, and you did, but then our paths separated, as I went to my dorm and you crossed the street and went to TCF.
Dr. Date, I plead with you to help me, as I’ve seen you do before. Help one shy guy meet up with another. If you’re reading this, my shy friend, you probably already know who you are and who I am, but here are some more details. You’re blond, blue eyes, dark jacket, tan corduroy pants, black Nikes. I’m blond, and was wearing a dark blue jacket, blue jeans, tan Vans, and carrying a grey backpack. I’d really like to talk to you, either over e-mail or over sodas.
And to everyone else out there, do you have some advice? What would you all have done in my situation? Talked to him, or let him go, maybe to never meet again?
— On the Bus

Sound familiar anyone? As usual I cannot be trusted to forward any mail to this man, but I’ll try.
I’ve been in the same situation dozens of times and very rarely do I ever take any action. This leaves me with a smidgen of regret, but also encourages me to be more forward and confident next time. I think the best solution is to do what you would want done to you. Have you ever been hit on while on the bus? Did you like it? Try to imagine yourself in his position and then act accordingly.
If someone was going to flirt with me on the bus, I’d like them to just start a conversation normally. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, if I’m game I’ll play along nicely. Complications arise if I’m not in the mood to talk, or I’m too shy.