Fees Committee members selected

Miranda Taylor

Following disagreements over the Student Services Fees allotment process during the past academic year, the presidents of both the Minnesota Student Association and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly appointed a fees committee Monday.
Of the roughly 50 applications received, nine committee members were chosen to represent all factions of the University of Minnesota student body. Twenty-seven student groups will be formally represented at the fees committee meetings.
Committee appointees include GAPSA representative Bree Dalager, MSA representative John Warden, fees-receiving student group representatives Quinn O’Reilly, Dan Garon, Joseph Sandbulte — The Minnesota Daily’s Marketing Communications Director — and Lolla Mohammed Nur — a former Daily reporter — non-fee receiving student group representatives David Shaffer, Devin Driscoll, and Annie Chen.
The appointees will be charged with reviewing the student service fees allotment process and gauging the public response to their recommendations.
Final recommendations will be ultimately reviewed by the Office for Student Affairs by Oct. 4.
“I think the process as a whole is a good one,” said committee member Driscoll. “It just needs a few tweaks.”
The committee will meet before July 26 and will elect a chairperson out of the nine chosen members.