Haunted House off to a good start

Student fundraising for the less fortunate is encouraging.

With Halloween coming up on Friday, students have a range of choices for how they’ll spend their night. Typically, Halloween staples like the Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement in Marcy-Holmes and Scream Town are scary, entertaining options.

The Students Against Hunger and Wesley Foundation’s haunted house, which promises to scare you while raising money for a good cause, is in its third year and is quickly becoming a popular option for students to enjoy.

It costs only $5, and the proceeds are going toward providing meals for schools and orphanages around the world that are struggling. According to the vice president of the Wesley Foundation, Rachael Acevedo, one meal can be made out of just a quarter, so any profits yielded from this attraction could go a long way.

We feel that the combined efforts of these student groups are commendable and should be lauded. It’s easy to get caught up in self-indulgent festivities and parties this time of year.

By providing aid to those in need while having fun, we are pleased to see that many University of Minnesota students are continuing to act selflessly.

And in continuing with this positive spirit around Halloween, it’s crucial to consider whether costume choices could be deemed offensive to other students who may have a culture different than yours. If the costume is problematic, avoid it.