Face ‘book ’em’

Josh Noga

I recently read the Dec. 16 article by Taryn Wobbema, âÄúU student suspended after threatening remarks on Facebook.âÄù The article concerns a University of Minnesota student who was suspended from the University because of a Facebook post. After reading the article, I believe the post was a joke and the student should not be punished for a post on Facebook. College can cause a lot of stress. This particular student had just gotten over a breakup with her fiancé and it seems obviously clear by the post that this person was not serious about her comment. Yes, there is some hatred there, but I do not believe this student wanted to hurt this other student. If the teacher is worried about the student taking the device and stabbing someone, he or she should make sure to collect all the equipment before leaving the lab. Also, the University accepts very few students with criminal records, so why should we be concerned? ItâÄôs just another student on Facebook letting out her anger. This post should not result in a suspension from the University. Josh Noga University undergraduate student