Yudof sure that U

Despite saying he expects a $50 million legislative slice out of the capital budget request, University President Mark Yudof reiterated Wednesday his desire to keep the entire package intact.
Yudof said the Senate Higher Education Finance Committee could target molecular and cellular biology when it considers the $249 million package this Friday. However, Yudof stressed it’s still too early in the legislative process to make any concessions.
“My strategy would be not to prioritize, not to say take this off or that,” he said. “I’m not going to provide an easy way out.”
Yudof said although the Senate’s bonding projections came in lower than anticipated, they are nothing to scoff at.
“Two hundred million is still twice what the University has ever gotten in the past,” he said.
But Yudof said the House Capital Investment Committee will probably come in with higher numbers than the Senate this week. The capital request will be negotiated when it reaches conference committee meetings.
And with strong support from Gov. Arne Carlson and Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, DFL-Erskine, Yudof said he’s confident the University will get the full amount.

— Chris Hamilton