Claim of gunshots mystifies police

by Jim Martyka

Gunshots allegedly fired in front of Sanford Hall have left University Police with a mystery on their hands.
Two people reportedly heard someone fire several shots from a van in front of the dorm shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. However, after an investigation of the area later that morning, University Police said they could find no evidence of a shooting.
“We couldn’t find anything, anywhere in the area,” said Detective Brad Herberg. “There was no physical evidence whatsoever.”
According to police reports, two people outside the dormitory claim they saw a white van stop in front of the building with its side, sliding door open. They then saw what they thought was a gun emerge from the van. The witnesses said they heard about five to six gunshots and also heard the van speed away.
After the van left, the witnesses called University Police.
Herberg said the witnesses thought the gun sounded like a handgun, though neither witness saw how many people were in the van, or what they looked like.
University Police conducted a detailed search of the area looking for any evidence to suggest the shooting took place. Herberg said they searched the snow and concrete in front of Sanford Hall for bullet shells or casings. Police also checked the walls of the building for any marks which could have been left by a bullet, but the officers found nothing.
Police found a hall resident, during their investigation, who said he heard what he thought was a car backfire around that same time. However, the witness claimed he didn’t see anything when he looked out his window.
University Police received no other calls reporting shots fired in the area near Sanford Hall that night.
Although police found no evidence during its initial search, they have left the case open should any evidence or other witnesses surface.