Yuppie drinks, on a college budget

by Patrick Maloney

I used to work for a classy restaurant in downtown that served some pretty great cocktails. They don’t put the prices on the menu; if you have to ask, you can’t afford them. I’m here to give you the rundown on what exactly you’re paying for, and how you can pay off your student loans a few years earlier by making them at home.

Blue Lemintade

Restaurant Price: $8

Homemade Price: $3

1 1/2oz Blueberry Vodka

8 Blueberries

5 Mint Leaves


Put blueberries, mint leaves, and a shot of vodka in a cup. Muddle it (which is a fancy word for mash-it-all-together) with a something kinda thick, like a wooden spoon or the butt of an ice-cream scooper. Fill the glass with lemonade. Mix. Drink.

Elderberry Sangria

Restaurant Price: $11

Homemade Price: $5


Torrontes (White) Wine

1oz St. Germain Liqeour

a strawberry

4 blueberries

4 raspberries

Cut up the strawberry and throw it in a cup with raspberries, blueberries, & St. Germain. Muddle, and then fill with wine. Mix. Drink.

Shot of Grey Goose
Restaurant Price: $11

Homemade Price: $4


Grey Goose

Fill up a shot glass with Grey Goose. Drink. Congratulations, you just saved $7.