Deadpool: Alive and well

It’s sword and gun for this guy. 
Photo courtesy Marvel Comics

Ashley Goetz

It’s sword and gun for this guy. Photo courtesy Marvel Comics

âÄúDeadpoolâÄù Writer: Daniel Way Pencils: Paco Medina Publisher: Marvel Comics Price: $3.99 Who is Deadpool ? HeâÄôs the wise-crackinâÄô Wade Wilson , a nearly invincible, gun-toting, blade-wielding, killer-for-hire with loose morals and a bad case of psychosis, which makes him one of the most entertaining characters in comics. The eponymous âÄúDeadpoolâÄù is the characterâÄôs first solo comic book series since the five-year run of the last âÄúDeadpool,âÄù (wonderfully written by Joe Kelly ), which ended in 2002. Writer Daniel Way, fan favorite for his work on âÄúWolverine: Origins ,âÄù takes the helm this time around. Way adequately handles DeadpoolâÄôs character in the first issue, blending just the right amount of comedy and cool. Paco Medina helps the cause with outstanding artwork that makes âÄúDeadpoolâÄù look more hardcore than ever, which is a feat considering the mercenaryâÄôs already infamous reputation. The comicâÄôs anti-hero, Deadpool , has led a sordid life. As a young man he was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently treated by Department K (the clandestine government branch that gave Wolverine those shiny metal claws). The department ultimately cured WilsonâÄôs cancer by giving him WolverineâÄôs healing power, but horribly disfigured his body in the process. The man called Wade Wilson became unhinged, slaughtering the scientists of the department, before taking the name Deadpool and becoming the deadliest mercenary around. But, while starting his career in the Marvel Universe as a ruthless antagonist, Deadpool has, in recent years, developed into a reluctant anti-hero, combating the forces of evil while slowly repairing the fractured pieces of his humanity. This time around we find Deadpool poised to play a pivotal role in the future of humanity. The plot for the first three issues ties into the new Marvel-wide story arc concerning a secret invasion by the nefarious alien race known as the Skrulls . The first issue opens with Deadpool tearing apart a battalion of Skrull warriors, making his way to their leader before, with skill and grace, enlisting in the Skrull army. The footnote on the last page says it all: âÄúWTF?!âÄù It seems that, once again, Deadpool has gone the unpredictable route, but fear not; Marvel has made it perfectly clear that Deadpool will be a major player in the battle for Earth, going as far as saying that heâÄôs going to save the world. Way seems to have a lot of fun working with the character âÄî and who wouldnâÄôt? Deadpool is simultaneously one of the funniest, coolest and darkest characters in comics, which, combined with his amazing physical talents, allows for almost any type of story. Deadpool can be as wacky as Bugs Bunny or as coldblooded as Al Capone . A large part of this adaptability is due to DeadpoolâÄôs mental instability. He has the capability of being whatever he wants to be. In the new series, Way takes the reader inside the mind of the assassin using a technique called âÄúPool-O-Vision,âÄù where the reader actually sees things the way Deadpool is seeing them. In one instance we see a group of attacking Skrulls as a group of teenage fans trying to get DeadpoolâÄôs autograph, to which he remarks, âÄúAh, crap âĦ IâÄôm hallucinating again.âÄù In addition, the reader is able to listen in to DeadpoolâÄôs conversations with himself, giving insight into the madness within. Another interesting note is that Deadpool, likely due to his loose grip on reality, is one of the very few characters in the Marvel Universe that is aware that heâÄôs in a comic book. While other characters think heâÄôs completely insane, the reader gains a new appreciation for his odd behavior. Deadpool might have more marbles than he thinks. It seems that DeadpoolâÄôs star is on the rise. During the past two decades, the character has gone from humble origins as a lowly villain to the center of the Marvel Universe. HeâÄôs been a playable character in recent videogames and will even appear in the upcoming âÄúWolverineâÄù movie with Ryan Reynolds (who is, by the way, perfect in every way for the role) donning the mask. This may lead to a âÄúDeadpoolâÄù feature down the road, but only time will tell. In the meantime, Deadpool will continue to cut his way through the Marvel Universe.