Kahn for State House

Phyllis Kahn is the best candidate running for MN District 60B.

Editorial board

Since 1972, Rep. Phyllis Kahn has served as the University of Minnesota community’s representative in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Kahn is most widely known for being the chief author and advocate of the 1975 Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. The law, being one of the first of its kind, has since been used as a template for numerous states.

Kahn is also a passionate conservationist, having authored and supported bills to protect the environment from nuclear energy and construction facilities.

Moreover, it’s Kahn’s connection to the University community and education that have allowed her to become our long-term representative. She is an active representative, having been the chief author of more than 62 House documents this past legislative session as a ranking minority member in the House. Kahn regularly supports measures that promote inclusivity, such as supporting gender-neutral marriage laws, opening legislative meetings to the public and updating athletics gender laws. Much like the students she has pledged to represent, Kahn understands the importance of education, having studied physics, biophysics and public administration at multiple universities. She has proven throughout her decades as state representative that she is ready and willing to tackle issues that affect students’ lives the most.

In this election we are faced with new, developing issues, including two amendments on the ballot, but we should continue to support the name, Phyllis Kahn, that has long been a leader to the University community.