Dear Dr. Date,Even…

Dear Dr. Date,
Even though this topic might be difficult to give advice to, I thought that I’d ask you anyway. Lately I have been seeing this girl, and she is fantastic. I have never met a girl like her before, and I am positive that I will never meet another girl like her again. It has been about a month, so I know that I am not just caught up in the moment. And I know myself well enough to know the difference between a crush and true love. She and I have seen each other pretty much every day and every day has been as enjoyable and as looked forward to as the last. Everything about her makes her the most special and unique person that I know. I guess what I am trying to get is: How do I let her know that I don’t want this to end? I want this to go on for a long time, and I stress it when I say a long time. I have told her numerous times that I love her, and she has told me the same just as many times. The thing is that I don’t wanna scare her off by saying something that might seem absurd. Although every time I gathered enough guts to say something that I thought might scare her off (i.e. telling her that I loved her for the first time), she thought the exact same thing. It’s as if she and I are thinking the same thing when it comes to our relationship. I know time is the only thing that will decide what will ever happen in the future, but that is the thing I am afraid of. I really think we are at the point where we know each other well enough that there is nothing we will find out about each other that will make us part. I know in the future that I will never do anything to ever screw this thing up because I have never been happier in my life. I just want to tell her that I don’t ever want to lose her, but I don’t know how to tell her, or if I should. Any advice, doctor?
–Know That I Want Her

Your letter is incredibly sweet, and I’m happy that the two of you have found each other. The only problem is that you sound like a person who frets so much about the details of the vacation, they forget to have fun.
The only way you could screw up this thing you’ve got going is to become a complete jerk, but you won’t. So, have fun! For as much trouble and joy words have brought, they can’t ever communicate what the two of you exchange in a look or a touch. Be good to one another, and remember, I’m an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.