Reconsider Radio K’s funding

Radio K provides the commun-ity with entertainment and individuals with a community.

I am writing as an alumna of the University and as the mother of a Radio K volunteer. I attended the hearing on Wednesday, but was unable to speak because of time limitations. I felt so strongly about the issue of funding cuts to Radio K that I rearranged my work schedule just so I could attend the hearing. I would like to let you know just how important Radio K has become to my family.

My daughter entered the University as a freshman in the fall of 2001. She looked into a number of volunteer opportunities as a way to become connected within the larger community at the University. She found more than a volunteer opportunity at Radio K; she found a community of friends that welcomed her to the University. It has been a wonderful experience for her -she has volunteered and worked as a part of the Radio K staff for four years.

During this time she has made some wonderful friendships, which have sustained her through the large maze of the University experience. I am extremely grateful for this because when I attended the University many years ago, it was so easy to get lost within the system, and I never felt a sense of community within the University.

One of the most important outcomes of my daughter’s volunteering and working at Radio K has been that she was able to define her career goals. The professional staff at Radio K is very encouraging to the students that are involved in the radio station. The students are given many different opportunities that wouldn’t be possible at any other college radio station.

Now for the most surprising outcome of the Radio K experience. I have to admit that I hardly ever listen to commercial radio stations because they play the same songs over and over again and the DJs are often too unbearable to listen to on morning and evening commutes.

But, one Thursday morning I turned on Radio K. Little did I know that I was going to discover “Theme Thursday.” It is just one example of the creative and innovative programming at Radio K. My husband and I became fans of Radio K because of the diversity of programming. Then we started telling family, friends and co-workers about the radio station. They also started listening.

I also enjoy the diversity of the play list – one will hear world music, country music, hip-hop and a great assortment of songs during the day.

Of course, the DJs are such a dedicated and enthusiastic group that it is a joy to listen to them. I admire these students who find the time to volunteer with their busy college schedule. My daughter works two jobs and is an honors student, taking a full load of classes – and she is not the exception.

I would like to summarize that I think it would be a disservice to cut funding to such a wonderful program that has provided so many opportunities to the students who volunteer and work at Radio K. Please reconsider the budget cuts that you have proposed.

Debbie Stolpa is a University alumna. Please send comments to [email protected]