Response to “This school has an aristocracy”

The Minnesota Student Association, Professional Student Government and Council of Graduate students  now have a new designation — Recognized Student Governance Association[s].
This designation provides each organization with more access to University of Minnesota leadership, the right to be consulted on important topics affecting students and the responsibility to actively advocate for our respective student bodies — in short, we now have a greater ability to “change things” on campus. 
Because of this change, student government is more relevant than ever before, and the elections are likewise more important.
Filing to run in the upcoming student government elections is very straightforward. The All Campus Elections Commission, which reviews all candidate filings for eligibility and enforces all election rules, has all the information you need online. You can even file electronically. 
We hope students with strong leadership skills and a drive to improve student life will file to run for student government. Don’t delay — filing ends on March 2.
Student government positions require varying levels of time commitment. But we recognize that not all students have the extra time or resources to become heavily involved in student government, let alone other student groups. 
Even if you do not file to run, we urge you to vote in the election in April. Make sure your voice decides who leads student government.
Through elections, every student has the ability to serve in a student government position and vote for who represents them. Each year, we all have the chance to reaffirm student government’s historical (and now contractual) role of being by the students, for the students. 
We have a representative democracy on this campus. Let’s make it stronger.
Kyle R. Kroll
President, PSG
Katie Saphner
Vice President, PSG
Nicholas Goldsmith
President, COGS