Daily Sports expands because you deserve more

Brian Stensaas

On Sunday, megamillionaire Alex Rodriguez joined the already star-studded New York Yankees.

We in Daily Sports got jealous and decided to try something new, too.

In the coming days, weeks and months, the Sports section as you know it will be like nothing this campus has seen before.

We’ve gone broadsheet.

Whether it was Bobby Jackson going for a layup against Kentucky in the 1997 Final Four, Grant Potulny and company celebrating the Gophers’ first men’s hockey national championship since 1979 a few years back or one of our goofy finals issue ideas, this Sports section has seen its fair share of history and we’ve done our best to make it look sexy.

Welcome to the latest installment.

Along with the same award-winning writing these pages have been blessed with for well more than 100 years, you will now encounter more colorful graphics (coming soon), an enhanced layout and great-sized photos leaping out at you; kind of like 3-D but without the dorky red and blue cellophane glasses.

Our goal is to have a centerpiece story each day that will stick out like Yao Ming in the Churchill Downs jockey lounge. This will be anything from a weekend recap on Mondays, to a midweek feature, to a Friday preview of the weekend’s most significant event. We will also bring back the Gophers sports calendar – a staple within these pages for a number of years – in addition to fun breakout boxes and information. Never again will there be any question what is going on within the world of Minnesota sports.

As this and future semesters come and go, so will the special events. With more space, we hope to treat these events as they deserve to be. Look for expanded spreads on every Gophers postseason run, marquee hosted event or milestone.

The Daily Sports section has seen a lot of changes over the years, but perhaps the most dramatic rolled off the presses earlier this morning. And change is never complete. I urge you to call, write, e-mail or fax any suggestions you might have for our new and improved product. It should be a fun ride.