MNsure employee who leaked private data no longer works there

by Tyler Gieseke

An employee of Minnesota's health care exchange who accidentally leaked private information last week about insurance agents is no longer working for the program, news sources report.

MNsure's executive director, April Todd-Malmlov, told the exchange's board of directors at a meeting Friday that the employee had stored the names and Social Security numbers of insurance agents unencrypted on his desktop against policy, the Associated Press reported. Now the employee no longer works for MNsure.

The employee sent an email containing the private information of 1,600 insurance brokers, the Star Tribune reported.

At the board of directors meeting, Todd-Malmlov stressed that the security breach was a human resources issue and not an issue of MNsure's technology, the Star Tribune said. In about two weeks, Minnesotans will begin shopping for health care coverage on MNsure's website.

"I want to be very clear," Todd-Malmlov told the Tribune. "The data incident was in no way related to MNsure's IT system."

Some said the explanation given at the board meeting wasn't enough, the Tribune said.

"Notably absent at today's MNsure Board meeting was any sort of apology to the Minnesotans whose personal information was violated," Rep. Peggy Scott, R-Andover told the Tribune in a statement.

MNsure will look for an independent review to see if policy changes would prevent future data security breaches, AP said.