Daily revamps its Web site

The Minnesota Daily’s home in cyberspace – www.mndaily.com – just got a facelift.

Although changes and redesigns are nothing new to the Web site, we feel these changes will prove impressive and useful. We’re improving the Web site’s look and feel, reconfiguring how we approach graphics and photos, adding a nine-day weather forecast, expanding our Web exclusive news coverage and more.

Story-embedded content

Embedding photos and graphics within the text of the stories themselves reflects the layout of the paper version of the Daily.

This will make the stories flow better and give readers a more realistic, integrated representation of our content. With this change, wider columns will improve readability for all of our sections.

User-friendly features

For our readers with personal Web pages, we added a few tools to help you add Daily content to your Web site.

Headlines can be easily included into anyone’s blog or home page, giving you and your visitors direct access to our Campus, Sports, A&E, Opinions and other sections.

Busy readers can use a new XML-feed to pull Daily headlines into personal digital assistants, and the revamped DailyMail system will improve our ability to put the newspaper in readers’ inboxes every morning.

Things to come

Always working to push ourselves and our presence in cyberspace, the Daily Online department has more great things on the way: more contests and prizes, an improved search engine bringing more accurate results, expanded Sports features allowing better tracking of team events and score reporting – and more, all of it coming soon.