Spend fees responsibly

MSA should use its carryover funds on student groups who need it.

by Editorial board

The undergraduate student government has set its budget for this academic year. With a $172,760 budget, the Minnesota Student Association has the opportunity to give a great deal back to University students, especially since $30,000 of its budget carried over from last year.

The budget was split mainly between programming costs âÄî which goes mostly to grants that MSA distributes âÄî and operational costs. The majority of the budget was allocated for the programming expenses. With such a large carryover in the budget this year, MSA must keep in mind the betterment of studentsâÄô needs and experiences as it thinks about how to spend that money without wasting it.

With hundreds of student groups on campus, there is always a need for funding. When it comes to the large carryover this year, MSA President Lizzy Shay said spending it is in the best interest of the students. If MSA must spend the $30,000 instead of saving it, all of the extra money should go to its grant fund. There, student groups can access funding for events, places and other group needs.

MSA should not simply spend the excess funds just to spend them so that it appears to the Student Services Fees Committee that they need that same amount of additional funding next year. As the year progresses, the student government should have integrity and put students first. Allowing student groups access to the carryover is the best way to spend the money, since many groups âÄî especially new ones âÄî receive little or no funding from Student Services Fees.

A carryover this large must be spent responsibly and dispersed to other student groups who need it. This is MSAâÄôs chance to help fellow students.