Ventura seeks Reform Party bid for governor

Brian Close

Jesse “The Body” Ventura once again stepped into the political ring Monday when he announced he would seek the Reform Party nomination for governor.
However, the 46-year-old ex-wrestler said he is unsure of his position on higher education.
Ventura is also an actor, talk show host on KFAN radio and ex-mayor of Brooklyn Park where he served from 1991 to 1995.
In a press conference held at the State Office Building in St. Paul, Ventura announced several changes he would support, such as legislative term limits, which he would set at two four-year terms.
“No elected official should be able to serve more years than the president,” he said.
Ventura would have legislators return to the private sector for two years, at which point they could again seek office.
He also recommended the state adopt a unicameral, or one house, legislature. In a press release, Ventura said this would increase openness, accountability and effectiveness.
Despite these recommendations, Ventura said he is unsure what priority higher education would be given if he was elected.
But he had advice to students in response to other candidates’ plans to have the state fully fund some college tuition for all students.
“Go in the military like I did. Get the GI Bill, and go to all the college you want to,” he said. “There’s methods; you earn your way. I am a great believer in ‘take care of yourself.'”
Chris Tierney, a senior in Japanese studies and president of the University’s College Reform Party, said personal responsibility is a tenet of the party.
“The opportunities are out there for everybody to finance their way through college,” Tierney said. “Whiners should quit whining and go out there and do something for their own good.”
The College Reform Party hosted a barbecue for Ventura this fall.
“He has the potential to gain a lot of strength from campus communities; he has the ear of the students,” Tierney said.
“He has a demonstrated capability of bringing out the previously uninvolved voter,” said Phil Madsen, 6th District chair for the party. “I think he can win because of that ability.”
The Minnesota Reform Party was formed in 1992 with support from ex-presidential candidate Ross Perot.