Pedestrians and cyclists: follow rules of the road

Recent tragedies highlight the need for more caution on campus.

The city of Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus in particular have experienced a string of traffic-related tragedies recently. A driver went up onto the sidewalk and hit three people, killing one; a truck fatally hit a student bicycling to class; and another car hit a student in a West Bank crosswalk, injuring her.

In Uptown, a taxi fatally hit a woman who stepped off of the curb on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue. And someone was hit by a truck while walking to work in the Warehouse District. All of this happened over the span of several days.

In the wake of these tragedies, students are still bicycling through red lights âÄîeven several feet away from where Audrey Hull died. Many bicyclists arenâÄôt wearing helmets, but many are wearing headphones.

People step off of curbs and then look for traffic or cross without a walk sign or without looking for cars (which is a necessary action even when you have the right of way). Always look, and that goes for turning vehicles too.

Others rush to class in their cars, rolling through stop signs and driving too fast to react should a walker or bicyclist veer into their paths.

Still others run through traffic and even in front of a pulling-away bus in order not to wait for the next one.

Mortality is pushed aside for most people most of the time, and probably more so for the typical University student. Please, everyone, be more careful (and respectful, too, considering the lives recently lost) and be cautious when driving, cycling or walking.

Follow the rules of the road (and sidewalk) and assume that no one else is doing so. And use common sense.

Some mistakes (whether yours or someone elseâÄôs) are final.


Tom Moore is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected].