Web site informs students about fall street sweep

“No parking” signs on the streets will still alert residents the day before the sweep.

Jeannine Aquino

The city of Minneapolis is conducting its annual fall street sweep. Students who park on certain streets around campus will have to find parking elsewhere, or they may have their cars ticketed and towed.

“No parking” signs will be posted along streets the day before they’re swept. However, people interested in finding out more information well before that day have other options.

As of Tuesday, people can access a new Web site by the Minneapolis Public Works Department at www.ci.minneapolis mn.us/streetsweep. There, Minneapolis residents can learn when their neighborhoods will be swept.

Department officials decided to create the Web site after they saw significant public demand.

“People have been asking for this for years and years,” said Mike Kennedy, director of winter operations for Minneapolis Public Works. “Finally, the technology and Internet have made it possible.”

Kennedy said he is excited about the Web site and hopes students will use it to find out when to move their vehicles.

“The more we can reach students and provide the information they need to move their vehicles and avoid tickets, that’s fantastic,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also mentioned a telephone notification service to find out about the street sweeps. Residents who sign up for the service will receive a recorded message the night before the street is swept.

“I think it’s a good idea just because it’s a nice reminder, and people are leading busy college lives,” said biology junior Gary Tashima, who lives in Dinkytown. “It saves people the hassle of getting their car towed.”

Political science junior Trevor Ford, who lives on the southeast side of campus, said he does not plan on using the telephone service. He said he’s more likely to use the Web site because it’s more convenient.

Sweeps around campus begin Friday near Dinkytown.