Election leaves Hollywood, the media and the left in its wake

The people rejected the media’s attempt to influence the election by playing to our worst fears.

The 2004 presidential election is now over. President George W. Bush was the clear winner with 286 electoral votes. He received more than 50 percent of the popular vote, something former President Bill Clinton never did. But, I don’t want to concentrate on who won the election. I want to concentrate on who lost.

The obvious loser was Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. He failed to win a single state in the South and only took five states west of the Mississippi River. His lack of shared values with voters was the major cause of his defeat. Although he was the biggest loser in this election, he wasn’t the only loser.

Michael Moore also lost. Moore said the reason for making “Fahrenheit 9/11” was to get Bush thrown out of office. He failed. What can he do for a sequel – distort the truth even more? It won’t matter. He lied his pants off and the only people who fell for it were the far-left wackos who were already voting for Kerry. After the election, Moore called Bush a “Radical Christian fanatic Ö who invented a war on terror.” As long as liberals have people like Moore, who claim to be representing the mainstream, they have no chance of winning a southern state. Maybe Moore will win an Oscar for his propaganda, but the only people who will care are the Hollywood elite.

Speaking of the Hollywood elite, they lost big time. Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck and the rest should stick to what they are good at, making crappy movies. Don’t get me wrong, they have the right to speak out, but so does Average Joe down the street. Why should these movie stars get to go on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” or speak at the Democratic National Convention? Because they are famous, because they are pretty, because they made “Gigli”? I don’t think so. Kerry calling these people the “heart and soul of America,” is just another example of how the left does not connect with Middle America.

Next on the list of losers: George Soros and Moveon.org. They spent millions of dollars playing dirty politics and lying about the president. What did they get, among other things, for creating TV spots comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler? Nothing!

The public took those unscrupulous ads and tossed them in the political trash bin where they belong. Did they really believe mainstream America thought Bush and Hitler were one and the same? Come on, the least they could have done was get the backing of 200-plus veterans, like the swift boat vets did. Did anyone really believe those fallacious ads?

If you’re read a major newspaper or watched the network news in the last year, you would think the economy was on the verge of collapse, U.S. troops were indiscriminately killing Iraqi civilians and the Gophers were going to win the Big Ten. They were wrong in all three cases.

The elite media have had a banner year. Dan Rather blatantly attempted to smear the president with obviously forged documents. ABC news political director Mark Halperin issued a memo just before the second presidential debate saying ABC does not need to treat the candidates equally, meaning, give Kerry the edge.

The liberal media painted a bleak picture of the economy and an even worse picture of the war in Iraq. In their quest to destroy the president, they failed to notice the United States had freed millions of people from a tyrannical dictator. They failed to notice Afghanistan held free elections. They failed to notice the United Nations was bribed in the oil-for-food scandal. Good thing the voters didn’t.

The final losers on Election Day were P. Diddy, MTV and their phony Choose or Lose campaign. They had segments on the candidates, drugs, abortion and other issues. The segments were obnoxiously biased in favor of Kerry. On top of that, MTV let such political geniuses as Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera host these segments.

They also played on young voters’ fears by making it seem as if a draft were possible. MTV forgot to mention the president and secretary of defense opposed a draft, and it was Democrats who introduced a military draft resolution (it was defeated 402-2). Their efforts to scare up the youth vote didn’t work.

Ever since Kerry’s concession speech, I have read numerous columns saying how the ignorant, the homophobes and the Bible-bangers were responsible for Bush’s re-election.

That’s just it; the liberal elite think they are smarter and more moralistic than the rest of the country. Myself and 59 million other voters are fed up with the liberals’ assault on traditional values. I was happy to see that the people rejected the media’s attempt to influence the election by playing to our worst fears.

With their ballots, voters have shown they believe in tax cuts, traditional values and fighting terrorism abroad instead of at home. Unless liberals make drastic changes, they will have about as much chance of winning the 2008 election as Glen Mason does of winning a Rose Bowl.

Gregg Knorn is a University student. He welcomes comments at [email protected]