SpaceX explosion a loss for Minnehaha Academy students

by Benjamin Farniok

When the SpaceX rocket exploded after launching on Sunday, Minnehaha Academy lost experiments that they had hoped would make it to the International Space Station, according to CBS Minnesota.

The article states that the experiment that was loaded onto the rocket was the third that the academy had developed for NASA. The experiment focused on the effects of spaceflight on the growth of bacteria.

Also destroyed in the crash, according to Forbes was a Microsoft product called Hololens, augmented reality headsets intended to assist and entertain astronauts in their time on the space station, reports Forbes.

Reuters writes that the rocket was meant to bring supplies to the space station. This explosion marks the third unsuccessful resupply mission to the station after two rockets failed to launch in January and April.

The article also states that the two Russian Cosmonauts and single American astronaut on board the station have about 4 months of supplies remaining, and NASA officials said they were confident that they would be able to bring more supplies to the station by that time.