Facebook movie? Um, it better have a sexy cast.

by Rebecca Lang



Those people with all that money and all those ideas in Hollywood have decided that making a Facebook movie could possibly for some reason be good. No, it’s not a high-energy documentary about the momentum of the site. Instead, it’s a drama written by the creator of "The West Wing" Aaron Sorkin and directed by "Fight Club’s" David Fincher. And who will play Mark Zuckerberg? Either Michael Cera or Shia LaBeouf. Hopefully they’ll personify the social networking site and have it be played by Angelina Jolie. Surreal! 

It just doesn’t seem like the story behind Facebook is exciting enough for a film:

Nerd maps out social networks, turns into college site. Kids put drinking photos. Adults discover it. The site, despite having the chance, doesn’t sell out, but simply allows sidebar ads and trashy quizzes. 

What do you think? What could make this film good?