BNLX dishes out new track, tease at EP

Andrew Penkalski

While this may be a bit of a late mention when all things “Minneapolis blogosphere” are considered, I feel the word-of-mouth machine on the U of M campus can still use a bit of a nudge in regards to local rockers BNLX. Following up their four EPs of 2010, BNLX announced their fifth installment last week. While some listeners (this writer included) may be interested in a full length, it is hard to knock a band’s creative methods when it continually yields such enthralling results. With the group’s “EP #5” nearing completion, they gave the world a sampling last week with the release of “Burn the Boats.”

You can check out the track here

And yes, they continue their production effort of making every other Minneapolis release sound like bedroom demo garbage.