Minnesota’s first medical marijuana labs approved to open soon

by Jessie Bekker

Two medical marijuana laboratories were approved by the Minnesota Department of Health to test the drug’s makeup, according to a department release Wednesday.

Marijuana sales will begin in two months, the Star Tribune reported.

The laboratories are housed in Maple Grove and St. Paul, the release said.

Testing will check for THC and cannabidiol levels and for impurities including pesticides and heavy medals, according to the release.

Versions of the drug high in THC will be used for cancer patients troubled by chemotherapy side effects, while strains high in cannabidiol will be given to epilepsy patients, the Star Tribune said.

The plant will be sold in pill and liquid forms, the Star Tribune reported.  Smoking the plant or selling it in its raw form will remain illegal.

Enrollment begins June 1 for qualifying patients and registration will cost $200, the Star Tribune said.