Daily Digest: Carlson drops out, law school, Lamoureaux twins

by Lisa Zehner

Happy Monday to everyone that typically hates them. It is a start to a beautiful week and to some interesting news.

*The Daily broke a story early this morning about Charles Carlson, a University of Minnesota student running for Minneapolis City Council, dropping out of the race after falsifying much of his qualifications and past history, including his education at Princeton University and having grown up in England — just to name a few. Other news sources picked up the story as well, including the City Pages and Minnesota Independent. The investigation was a month in the works, after the original story about his candidacy ran in the Daily early February.

*Law School graduates, including those from the University, are trying to adjust to a difficult economy, many of them graduating to firms that are doing some belt-tightening, Star Tribune reports. A lot of the students are concerned about being able to pay for their loans in a market of few jobs. Some of the loans can run from $80,000 to $100,000 for each student.

*The Lamoureaux twins from the Gophers women’s hockey team were featured in the New York Times hockey blog, Slap Shot. The Gophers won 4-1 in game one and 5-1 in game two in the first round of playoffs.

Eric Miller/Courtesy of University of Minnesota