Scandal claims contracts of two other employees

by Jessica Kimpell

Two less prominent athletics employees will also leave when their University contracts are up June 30, University President Mark Yudof announced Friday.
The University will not renew the contracts of Jeff Schemmel, senior associate director of men’s athletics, and Chris Schoemann, NCAA compliance coordinator for men’s and women’s athletics.
Both men’s athletics employees were in positions responsible for rooting out academic misconduct and other NCAA violations that only surfaced in the independent report released Friday.
As the current NCAA compliance officer, Schoemann is responsible for ensuring the University complies with Big Ten, NCAA and WCHA rules. Schoemann was named NCAA compliance coordinator in 1996.
Schemmel, the NCAA compliance coordinator from 1991 to 1995, is currently the second in command in the men’s athletics program.
If not for Friday’s announcement, both men’s contracts would have been renewed June 30, said Jim Thielman, a University spokesman.
Before Schemmel became the University’s NCAA compliance coordinator in 1991, he served as Kansas State University’s associate athletic director.
Schemmel received a law degree from the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kan. Before beginning at Kansas, he became a partner in a Topeka law firm specializing in business and sports law.
Along with the Gophers’ NCAA Basketball Committee, Schemmel played a role in the University’s bid to host the NCAA’s Men’s Final Four basketball tournament.
Before Schoemann’s University employment, he served as the NCAA’s legislative assistant, working to help other organizations understand NCAA legislation and interpretation.
Schoemann holds a master’s degree in physical education and sports management from Springfield College in Springfield, Mass. His undergraduate degree in physical education is from Whittier College in Whittier, Calif., where he coached golf in 1990-91.

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