Let’s get this Grand Old Party started

As primary season draws near, we want to hear from serious candidates

by Daily Editorial Board

While many of us took a sigh of relief after Donald Trump said he would not be running for president, the 2012 Republican field still has its fair share of buffoonery.

Some insist on gallivanting around the country in big flashy buses, dodging the media and flirting with their followers âÄî like how the homecoming queen flirts with throngs of prepubescent boys. (Not to name any names, of course.)

Since the 2012 election basically kicked off right after President Barack Obama was inaugurated, weâÄôre tired of all this nonsense. ItâÄôs time to stop making a mockery out of politics and actually think about whatâÄôs next.

Even former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has officially announced his bid, voiced his frustration over potential candidates toying with the idea, but not acting on it.

So as Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, tells the media she âÄúfeels a callingâÄù to run for president, we commend Pawlenty for at least trying to get this party started by unveiling his economic policy that would feature a three-tiered tax system.  Whatever your opinion on the plan, this is the kind of debate we should be having âÄî not whether or not Sarah Palin really knows what Paul Revere said to the British.

If the Republicans want to have a fighting chance against Obama they are going to have to stop horsing around. LetâÄôs stop putting so much attention on those who are merely seeking attention and focus on viable candidates who are willing to lay out potential policy.

Current hopefuls should take the lead in generating ideas to tackle these things head on so we can begin to have real debates. Leave those who refuse to move forward in the dust.