Undocumented immigrants should not be denied the right to drive

American citizens are not typically preoccupied about the right to drive, yet there are many families within the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that are critically affected on a daily basis by this inability to drive legally. 
In the state of Minnesota, undocumented immigrants are currently restricted from obtaining driver’s licenses, making it difficult for them to live a normal, everyday life.
Many opponents claim that granting undocumented immigrants with driver’s licenses would reinforce liberal immigration policy. 
This proposition, however, is unfounded as it often assumes a driver’s license provides them with more than just the ability to drive. 
In fact, should the House’s bill in question pass this session, undocumented immigrants would strictly enjoy the right to drive and be insured without gaining citizenship or access to health care. 
American citizens would also benefit from the passing of this bill.
Undocumented immigrants are already on the road, but through providing adequate training and the ability to purchase required car insurance, Minnesota would become a safer place. 
Several other states have already approved similar policies. Likewise, Minnesota must realize the benefits of implementing such a law.