Cuts to CLA unfair

by Emily Mahon - University student

As a senior student in the College of Liberal Arts, talk of cutbacks is nothing new. CLA has been forced to cut programs, sections and professors long before I even began attending the University. I, along with many other CLA members, am fed up with the way that the University allocates their money.

With the most people in it, CLA should not be the most underfunded college.

Where is my tuition money going? I expect my money to go toward funding my education, not trying to improve the schoolâÄôs standing amongst science and research institutions; itâÄôs also important to look at student interests. If CLA has the highest number of students, itâÄôs clear there are still students in the state of Minnesota who are interested in a liberal arts education. Becoming one of the best science and research institutions should not interfere with CLA students obtaining a quality education. I believe that a studentâÄôs tuition money should be paid to the college that they are in. My tuition money should not go to Carlson School of Management or the College of Science and Engineering, it should go to CLA. This would ensure that everybody is getting the education that they pay for.