Campus sexual health options

by Amy Whitburn, University student

We would first and foremost like to commend Bronwyn Miller for shedding light on this very important aspect of sexual health in her Nov. 12 column “Safe sex is great sex.” We are thrilled to see an article covering sexually transmitted infection prevention, especially since STI testing is something that falls under the radar of most busy college students. We would also like students to be aware of their options for STI testing on campus.

Boynton Health Service offers HIV and STI testing for students. All students who take six or more credits per semester and pay the student services fee can receive these tests at no cost to them. Boynton has clinics located on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education is a student group based out of Boynton Health Service. SHADE, along with offering a wide variety of free fun condoms to students — glow in the dark, anyone? — is a great resource for honest and accurate sexual health information. And for students who would prefer to be seen by a peer as opposed to someone in a white lab coat, SHADE offers free, confidential peer HIV testing.