Coffman Union to reopen in fall of 2001

by Robert Koch

The stately yet ghostly quiet building anchoring the south end of Northrop Mall offers freshmen few clues to its significance in their upcoming University experience.
“Coffman Memorial Union Renovation,” read the signs posted outside the student union.
But Coffman will reclaim its role as a center of student life and activity when it reopens in the fall of 2001.
Students will gain study space, lounges, a 24-hour computer lab, bookstore, coffee shop, multi-use theater, food court and expanded space for student organizations and cultural centers.
The renovated union will also be brighter and airier, thanks to the addition of a winter garden.
And, not to worry, amenities like the game rooms, bowling alley and post office will reopen.
But where are students and student organizations to gather in the meantime?
Many Coffman tenants, including some student organizations, the U Card Office, the Campus Involvement Center and the New Student Programs office, are temporarily located in Stadium Village at 720 Washington Ave. S.E.
Student union administration offices are in the St. Paul Student Center at 2017 Buford Ave.
“We have twice the number of staff in our office,” said Brad Hasskamp, who works with program support for the Twin Cities Student Unions. “There has been a lot more collaboration and cooperation that has helped create better programs.”
Karen Lyons, marketing director for the Student Unions, advises students to visit the St. Paul Student Center.
“It’s their only alternative during the renovation period,” Lyons said.
The center houses a movie theater, a bowling alley, which was recently voted the Twin Cities’ best by City Pages, and the Outdoor Store, which rents camping and other outdoor equipment to students.
Additional questions about the Coffman renovation can be answered by calling the Coffman Union information desk at 624-INFO or by visiting Information about the St. Paul Student Center is available by calling 625-9794 or by visiting

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