Ragstock theft leaves police without suspects

by Sarah McKenzie

Two thieves got away with more than $700 in clothing Thursday and Friday from a store in Dinkytown, a clerk said.
Mary Smith, 22, said two women walked into the Dinkytown Ragstock shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday and left with large amounts of clothing. When they returned the next day at the same time, Smith called police and the women took off with another load of slacks, shirts and hats.
“I grabbed on to the strap of her bag and it broke,” Smith said. She then fell down and scraped up her hands.
The women continued to run away, and Smith said she followed them for two blocks to no avail. Police did not arrive in time to nab the women.
Among the items stolen were a collection of Adidas clothes and eight hats worth $20 each, Smith said.
Smith said despite her efforts, police have not notified her with any information on the suspects.
When the women left the store, she said no one helped her while she tried to track them down.
Only two employees were working at Ragstock at the time of the thefts, she said.
She described the suspects as being in their mid-30s. On Thursday, the women had three children with them during the caper.

In other police news:
ù University Police are investigating five thefts at the Carlson School of Management building on the West Bank.
According to police reports, a digital camera and two laptop computers were stolen from offices in the building on Thursday shortly after 5 p.m.
In all instances, the thief stole the equipment from secured offices. One of the computers was lifted from a lab to which only three people have access.
The items stolen are worth more than $7,000 combined, according to police reports.
Police have made no arrests and listed no suspect information on the police report. Investigators are still looking into the theft.
Alice Pepin, a spokesperson for the Carlson School of Management, said the employees are looking for ways to make the computers more secure.
ù University Police cited two students for damaging property in Frontier Hall on Friday.
The men, both 19 years old and roommates at the residence hall, received a citation for pulling dry erase boards down from several rooms on the third floor. A court date and fine is pending.
David Eskra, a freshman studying marketing, said the whole situation got blown way out of proportion. He and his roommate were pulling a harmless prank by yanking on the dry erase board.
He contends no damage was done to the floor.