Further debate over light rail

by James Nord

Relations between the University of Minnesota and the Metropolitan Council (the agency in charge of constructing the Central Corridor Light Rail) have soured further, according to an article in Finance and Commerce.

After months of face-to-face meetings, including a few mediated by Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, the two have resorted to "shuttle diplomacy," or negotiation by proxy.

The two disagree over damages if standards established to mitigate the effects of the line are exceeded.

Repeated assurances that an agreement is right around the corner have shifted considerably.

“I am not as optimistic today as I was a year ago about getting the deal done,” Met Council Chair Peter Bell said.

“I used to say the U thought they sat at God’s right hand,” Bell said. “Now, I think they believe that God sits at their right hand.”